Sunday, July 26, 2015

De-pot Your Makeup in 3 Easy Steps

Do you have melted or broken lipsticks, blushes or eyeshadows?
Don't toss them in the trash just to re-buy them. Instead de-pot them in 3 simple steps.

Getting Started:
All you need is a sanitary workspace, clean cosmetic spatula and an empty container. The spatula and containers can be easily purchased by the pack for a dollar or two at either a drugstore, beauty supply, craft store, online or  even the 0.99 cent store.

Additionally, You can save even more money by repurposing a cosmetic container from a previous purchase with a secure cover or by saving a old sample container from a cosmetic counter. If reusing a container, clean, dry and sanitize it before using. To sanitize your container, wash and dry it with a clean paper towel, then spray it with alcohol of 70% vol or higher and let it air dry.

Step by Step:
1. Prepare a clean workspace area.

2. Use a clean paper towel or napkin to protect the area from loose product or an accidental spill.

3. Finally, use the spatula to transfer the product into the new container.

Saves money, less waste. Simple and fast. 

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